Primary school

The first educational cycle includes the elementary school and the first grade secondary school, earlier elementary and high school. It covers the fundamental learning time which is required for acquiring knowledge and building the characters and identities of the pupils and prepares them for the learning they will receive later on, both in the classroom and in real life situations. The main target of this cycle is to encourage full personality development. In doing this, the school accompanies its pupils in the elaboration of their own experiences, promotes active citizenship and aids them in the acquisition and development of their cultural awareness. The specific task of the cycle is that of promoting basic alphabetization through the acquisition of symbolic language, constituting the structure of our culture with broadened horizons and with a view to a positive intercultural attitude. The primary school aims to achieve the acquisition of basic learning for its pupils in order for them to exercise their first constitutional right. The boys and girls who attend this school are offered the opportunity to develop their cognitive abilities, and also to develop social interaction and awareness of religion and ethics, together with the fundamental knowledge which is necessary. It is a developing school, which through the various disciplines that it offers, allows its pupils to exercise their intellectual potential, creating a base for reflective and critical thinking. In this way, mature and responsible citizens are formed on all levels, from local to European level.

abstract art with primary colours – class V s.y. 15/16

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