Our kindergarten is intended for all children aged three to six years and it is the answer to their needs for education. For every boy or girl, the final goal of the Kindergarten is to develop their personalities, autonomy, their own skills and competences, civil awareness and citizenship.

Personality development means learning to feel comfortable and safe whilst maintaining a positive attitude to learning and to the new experiences that this broader social environment brings with it. It means that pupils and students get to know and understand themselves and their learning needs better and that, as individuals, they develop a sense of self confidence, individuality and uniqueness.

The development of autonomy means that the pupils or students acquire the ability to interpret and govern their own bodies, they learn to adapt themselves to the given contexts by participating in various educational and fun activities. They develop, not only their own trust and confidence in themselves, but also their trust and confidence in others; they are able to carry out their own activities, always with the encouragement of the teacher and always in a positive learning environment. The students discover the pleasure of working by themselves, but also learn to ask help from others, to express their own feelings and emotions in different languages, to explore the reality of school life and to understand and the  rules that they learn, not only in school but also where appropriate in everyday life.

The development of  skills and competences means learning to reflect on one’s experiences through observation and by comparing them to other experienced gained so far. Students will learn to remember their experiences, reflect on those experiences, then describe and share their experiences with others, presenting the most significant facts.

Developing civic awareness and citizenship means exploring and discovering the needs of others and the necessity of managing any contrasts by means of commonly shared rules. This is executed by co-operating with other people, relating to them through dialogue and the expressions of their own mind, but always with a careful and mindful attitude to the feelings and the points of view of the people around us.

Developing one’s identity means learning to feel good and safe in facing new experiences in the widened social environment of the school. It means learning to know oneself and feel accepted, acknowleged and different from all of the others, in the sense that every person is unique and special in their own way.

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