The European School of Trieste is located in the beautiful setting of the Castelletto di Villa Geiringer on the top of the Scorcola hill and is a full-time English language school, but is also oriented to enable  pupils to be re-inserted into the Italian school system at the end of the first grade secondary cycle. The school was founded as an answer to the needs of many parents, which, although interested in enrolling their children in an English style school, were worried that, in this way, their children would be left out of the Italian cultural reality that they could experience in an Italian style school.

The European School provides both of these things in unison, which means that the pupils can have the best of both worlds. It represents the only international entity, which offers teaching in the English language, whilst, at the same time, being well connected and well inserted into the Italian school system. Founded in 1980, the European School over the years has become a private school with public recognition. Recognized by State authorities under Law no. 62 from 10.03.2000, the school is subject to this law and follows the official Italian school programme. That guarantees the students an easy passage to any public school in Italy, without them having to take any admission or entry exams.

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